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Brand Design

Brand design consists of several elements such as typography, colours, illustrations, photography and data visualisation, to name a few.


These elements make up your visual identity and are all integral components in a cohesive artistic system.


Good brand design allows you to create a sensation with your clients, while building strong rapport which will cultivate trust and understanding.  

Brand Design

A brand voice should be a memorable experience, while still communicating your core values and mission.


These values bring your brand to life and portray your brand uniqueness in the market.

At Konix Labs, before the creative process starts, we focus on understanding your business first - what makes your business unique, what is your vision and mission statement, what your market position is, and who your competitors are. This is achieved in our four stages of the brand design process;

  • Brand Strategy & Creative Direction

  • Logo Exploration & Design

  • Brand Elements & Assets

  • Presenting the Branding 

A well designed brand should turn heads and be striking, let us assist you in making your brand exceptional.

Touch of Africa Box
Niku Hero Page
Konix Labs Banner
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